It’s not just about the kilometres, it’s also about passion.

Whatever terrain you choose, XFlow™ supercritical EVA
delivers cushioning and precise control with reactivity,
ensuring constant energy return and comfort that lasts.
Find your perfect pace… whatever your Ultra.

Supercritical EVA midsole. The new La Sportiva technology
that guarantees maximum cushioning, reactivity and stability.

The force of impact with the ground is absorbed, returning a rapid response
to each support, which guarantees a greater rebound of energy and speed,
kilometer after kilometer.

18% lighter, 15% cushioner, 18,5% rebounder

* Compared to current traditional expansion EVA

FriXion® Red sole for perfect grip,
long lasting wear and shock absorption
The Wrapping System snugly encases the foot, guaranteeing maximum protection and stability
Foot rolling and stability are facilitated thanks to the Progressive Rocker and wide toe box
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